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Maine has been one of the most active amongst all fifty states in looking at trade.  Maine pioneered the creation of a state-level Citizen Trade Policy Commission that involves representatives from all three branches of government as well as leaders from the state in agriculture, manufacturing, export promotion, human rights, and the environment.

The Maine Citizen Trade Policy Commission is extensively described on the state's legislative website, with copies of correspondence, annual reports, assessments, letters, press releases, and minutes of meetings.  The Commission has actively engages USTR through conference calls and letters; publishes an annual report; and in 2006 carried out an extensive assessment of its activities.  

The Commission has also sponsored public hearings to determine what Maine citizens think and feel about trade. These public hearings have contributed a depth to the assessment on the impacts of trade on the state’s citizens. Because the Maine CTPC has a relatively large membership as compared with other states, it was able to establish sub-committees that focused on particular subject matter areas--environment, labor, and health.

For more information on the Maine CTPC, please contact commission staff.

General Content
Letter from ME Rep. Margaret Rotundo to USTR
Rep. Rotundo's letter asks Kirk specific questions on the how investment chapters in BITs and FTAs meet the principle of no greater substantive rights.
Letter from ME Governor Baldacci to DHHS Secretary Sebelius
Letter written to DHHS Secretary Sebelius describing trade policy that threatens the sustainability of state programs that negotiate drug prices. This was written shortly before the release of the 2010 Special 301 Report.
Maine Citizens Trade Policy Commission Letter to House Ways and Means Committee
Letter from Maine state legislators to the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade recommending changes to the federal-state consultation process.

Trade Pacts May Undermine State Laws
Op-ed by the Co-Chairs of the Maine Citizens Trade Policy Commission

Forum Analysis
Chinese Trade Practices and Maine Paper Mills
How effective are current mechanisms for state/federal consultation related to unfair Chinese trade practices resulting in paper industry layoffs?
How has trade impacted labor and water resources?
Maine paper mills have been particularly hard hit by unfair Chinese trade practices. WTO negotiations on GATS and domestic regulation and the already-existing U.S. commitments on distribution services and on sewage services and environmental services may threaten Maine's authority over water policy.

State Documents
Maine Citizen Trade Policy Commission Letter on GATS
Maine state legislators write the state's two US Senators and Representatives in the House about GATS and state sovereignty.

Letters to USTR
Letter on GATS and Federal/State Consultation
Gov. Baldacci writes USTR to express concern that federal negotiators have inadequately consulted with state authorities, endangering Maine's healthcare programs.
Letter Notifying USTR that Maine Does Not Consent to Procurement in FTAs
Gov. Baldacci sights concerns that the procurement provisions of the Free Trade Agreements with Panama and the Andean Community would harm Maine's state policies.
Letter on GATS' Conflict with State Laws Banning Certain Activities
Maine's governor writes USTR concerning GATS and its effect on state sovereignty.

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