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General Content
Gov. Gregoire Letter to USTR on Pharmaceuticals
March 13th, 2006
Letter from the governor of Washington state warning the US Trade Representative about the conflict between FTAs and state programs to control drug costs.
Washington Legislators on the US-Australia FTA
March 2nd, 2006
Four legislators write the US Congressional delegation about the potential conflict between the trade agreement and state Medicaid programs.

Forum Analysis
How does the World Trade Organization impact the domestic aerospace industry?
The US Department of Defense recently awarded Airbus a contract to build refueling aircraft, even as the US and EU are locked in a trade dispute at the WTO over aerospace subsidies.

State Documents
State House of Representatives Letter on Constitutional Federalism
64 state legislators from Washington write their state's US Congressional delegation about trade policy and state sovereignty.

Letters to USTR
Gov. Gregoire letter to US Trade Representative
Washington Governor Christine Gregoire outlined her concerns with the Investor-state dispute resolution system in a 2005 letter.

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