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Forum Mission

The Forum is dedicated to sustainable development and democratic governance, locally and globally.  The Forum on Democracy & Trade is a registered, publicly-supported, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Forum Board

  • Bev Perry, Chair, former mayor, Brea California
  • Senator Spencer Coggs,  Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Heidi Heitkamp, former North Dakota Attorney General and Tax Commissioner, Mandan North Dakota
  • Representative Sheryl Allen, Bountiful Utah, IGPAC Member
  • Kay Wilkie, Director for International Policy, NY State Department of Economic Development, IGPAC Chair
Forum Staff
  • Dana Eidsness, Director (based in Vermont)
  • William Waren, Policy Director (based in Washington, D.C.) 
  • Research Associate Mike Palmedo, Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property, American University Washington College of Law
Leading Academic Partners

  • Professor Robert Stumberg, Director, Harrison Institute, Georgetown University Law Center (D.C.)
  • Associate Professor Sean Flynn, Associate Director, PIJIP, Washington School of Law, American University (D.C.) 
  • Senior Fellow, Matthew Porterfield, Harrison Institute, Georgetown University Law Center
Support Services

The Forum is a national network of state and local officials and an international network of public officials and policy experts concerned about trade policy and sustainable development.   Participants in this network:
  • Work with peers on trade issues of mutual concern
  • Exchange ideas regarding economic development and local democratic governance
  • Engage the public and the press in the trade policy debate
  • Communicate to policymakers at the local, national, and international levels
Forum staff activities include
  • Building an international  network of  public officials and policy experts concerned about trade policy
  • Speaking at seminars, legislative and agency hearings, and meetings of associations of public officials  
  • Providing technical assistance and conducting workshops on trade issues 
  • Identifying leadership opportunities for network participants 
  • Preparing  in-depth technical and legal analyses of trade policy issues 
  • Preparing short, plain language issue briefs and updates on trade issues
  • Publishing articles for scholarly, professional, and popular journals
  • Convening public meetings, briefings for public officials, and retreats to review trade policy issues

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