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National Associations

General Content
The Council of State Governments Eastern Regional Conference Proposed Resolution relating to International Trade and State Governments
The CSG Eastern Regional Conference resolution urges Congress "to consider improving federal-state consultation on international trade, including improving data available to states and increasing transparency of documents necessary to analyze the impacts of free trade agreements on states."
National Association of State Legislators Resolution Affirming and Strengthening President Obama's Recent Order On Safeguarding Federalism In Trade Policy
NCLS has recently passed a resolution that asks the Obama administration to improve federal-state consultation in trade policy.

National Associations
Conference of Chief Justices Resolution 26
Resolution Regarding Provisions in International Trade Agreements Affecting the Sovereignty of State Judicial Systems and the Enforcement of State Court Judgments
National Association of Towns and Townships on NAFTA
Letter to Sen. Barbara Boxer on NAFTA Chapter 11.

Letters to USTR
Concern for Federalism: National Associations Communicate with USTR
This letter from 2003 addresses the concerns of states and cities regarding federal-state consultation on trade, as well as particular concerns about investment agreements.

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