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Prescription drug chapters in Free Trade Agreements

Drug companies litigate against state preferred drug lists
State Medicaid programs negotiate drug prices through open formularies known as Preferred Drug Lists. Pharmaceutical companies have attacked them in the courts.
Prescription Drugs and the US-Australia FTA
The US-Australia Free Trade Agreement was the first bilateral trade deal to include specific restrictions on the negotiation of drug prices.
US-Korea text and the carve-out for state Medicaid programs
The US-Korea FTA threatened states' ability to negotiate drug prices, but state governments lobbied to 'carve out' Medicaid from the agreement.
Could GATS impact state PDLs?
Multilateral trade rules for the service sector may interfere with state-level price negotiations.
Defining 'innovation' in trade agreements
Through a variety of bilateral consultations, the US attacks systems of reference pricing similar to the ones used by states.

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