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Trade Negotiations

General Content
Letter to Ron Kirk on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
The Forum writes USTR Ron Kirk warning that provisions in ACTA could undermine state sovereignty in areas such as trade secrets and torts, and asking for information about whether a sole executive agreement could preempt state authority without Congressional approval.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Should New Zealand Dairy Trade Be Excluded?
Dairy imports from New Zealand are shaping up to be a major issue as the United States proceeds with negotiations with a Pacific basin free trade agreement with Singapore, Chile, Brunei, Vietnam, Peru, Australia and New Zealand (the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP agreement). New Zealand is the world’s most successful dairy exporter, in part because of natural climatic advantages and in part because it has consolidated its dairy industry around one export-focused company, Fonterra, that dominates many parts of the world market.
Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations
The Obama Administration has begun negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade and investment agreement intended to begin the process of integrating the economies of the Americas and East Asia. The United States initiated negotiations in March 2010 with seven countries: Singapore, Chile, New Zealand, Brunei, Australia, Peru, and Vietnam.
WTO push to finish Doha
Meetings in Geneva over the next few weeks could determine whether the Bush administration will strike a deal in the current round of global trade talks. States and cities have concerns about the most recent GATS ‘domestic regulation’ text.

News Stories
USTR Says It Will Limit WTO Notification
A senior negotiator told states that USTR will modify its procedures for notifying the WTO about how states regulate trade in goods.
U.S.-Chilean Officials Plan Meeting to Discuss Environmental Provisions of the U.S.-Chile Free Trade Agreement
On April 23-24, 2008, United States and Chilean officials will meet in Santiago, Chile to discuss the Environment Chapter of the U.S.-Chile FTA and the work plan associated with the Environmental Cooperation Agreement.

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