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The U.S. has made commitments in more than ninety different service sectors.

The General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) is the most complicated and far-reaching of all WTO agreements.  The United States has made commitments in more than ninety different service sectors.  Negotiations at the WTO on 'domestic regulation' -- impacting the power of states and cities to protect the public interest -- are now at a critical stage.   

Public Leadership
Many state officials have tried to work with USTR to protect state delivered services and regulation of private-sector services. Additionally, they have sought to improve the federal-state consultations that precede trade negotiations.
Forum Analysis
Documents authored by the Forum on Democracy and Trade covering GATS negotiations, and how the international rules have effected local services including telecommunications, health, and energy.

“Relevant” Regulation of Food Derivatives
Case Study of GATS Negotiations on Domestic Regulation
Washington Governor Gregoire Letter to USTR
Washington Governor Christine Gregoire wrote USTR Ron Kirk about GATS 'domestic regulation' negotiations and state concerns with investor state dispute resolution.

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