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Prescription Drugs

Trans Pacific Partnership
The TPP is a plurilateral trade agreement under negotiation by the U.S., Australia, Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam. State leaders have warned trade officials that the inclusion of pharmaceutical provisions could limit Medicaid's ability to negotiate drug discounts.
Prescription drug chapters in Free Trade Agreements
Bilateral agreements with Australia and Korea include rules favoring brand-name drug companies over policymakers tasked with controlling costs.
Special 301 Report
The U.S. Trade Representative uses its annual report on countries that 'deny fair and equitable market access' to firms that rely on intellectual property protection to attack evidence based pricing of pharmaceuticals. The report singles out practices shared by foreign country governments and US state governments that purchase medicines.
Reimportation of prescription drugs
State programs to encouraging reimportation of drugs from Canada and other countries have saved consumers and states millions. Federal legislation may expand reimportation.
Public Leadership
This page contains examples of testimony, submissions and letters from elected state leaders to federal officials warning against trade policies that interfere with state actions to control drug prices.

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