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Meeting on Investment Reform 22 Apr 2009

Foreign investor rights
International Investment Agreements (IIAs) provide greater rights to investors than the scope of rights defended in domestic courts.
Investment texts from NAFTA to US-Peru
The text of IIAs signed by the U.S. has evolved over the past decade, and foreign investors still enjoy greater rights than U.S. investors.
The Glamis case
The pending case of Glamis Gold v. U.S. illustrates how international investment agreements work.
Implementing 'no greater rights'
Congress will consider a totally new template for investment agreements in 2009. What are the policy options?
Current international controversies
Expansive readings of investor rights in a number of disputes have caused some Latin American countries to take a second look at the IIA system.
Public Leadership
State Supreme Court justices have spoken out on the 'no greater rights' issue. So have Governors, State Attorneys General, and State Legislatures.

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