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GATS Case Studies: Energy and Health Care

Impact of proposed GATS rules on domestic regulation:
Case Studies from Energy and Health Care Services
Working groups on Services and Energy each commissioned a working paper regarding how the WTO proposals on domestic regulation could affect state regulators. The Working Groups continue to solicit comments from all interested parties regarding these case studies.

Multi-State Working Group on Energy:  Liquified Natural Gas Facility Siting. This Working Group, convened by the National Conference of State Legislatures, examined the potential impact of GATS rules on state/local regulation of siting for liquid natural gas facilities. California’s laws and regulations are used as the case study.

Multi-State Working Group on Services:  Qualification Requirements for Nurses. The Services Working Group, convened by the InterGovermental Policy Advisory Committee, looks at how commitments proposed as part of the GATS “Domestic Regulation” negotiations on licensing of professional services could impact the ways in which states regulate the profession of nursing so as to ensure high-quality standards for health care personnel. California’s laws and qualification standards are used as the case study.

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