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Letter to President Obama from VT Governor Peter Shumlin on Pharmaceuticals and the Trans Pacific PartnershipGov. Shumlim warns that the pharmaceutical provisions sought by the pharmaceutical industry and 28 Senators will threaten state and local programs ..

Letter from ME State Rep. Sharon Treat and the Forum on Democracy and Trade to Rep. WaxmanThis letter warns that the inclusion of a pharmaceuticals chapter in the Trans Pacific Partnership based on Chapter 5 of the Korea FTA threaten drug ..

“Relevant” Regulation of Food Derivatives Case Study of GATS Negotiations on nice food

Letter from 24 Attorneys General to U.S. Trade Representative Ron KirkLetter describing states' concerns that GATS discussions at WTO and plurilateral negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership may undermine the ..

Letter from ME Rep. Margaret Rotundo to USTRRep. Rotundo's letter asks Kirk specific questions on the how investment chapters in BITs and FTAs meet the principle of no greater substantive ..

Letter from Five State Legislators to U.S. Trade Representative Ron KirkME Sen. Peggy Rotundo, ME Rep. Sharon Anglin Treat, VT Rep. Ginny Lyons, VT Rep. Kathleen Keenan, and NH Rep. Charles Reed have asked Ambassador Kirk ..

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Trade Topics
This WTO agreement covers most U.S. export sectors and 80% of the economy.
Trade and Federalism
Understanding globalization’s challenge to federal systems of constitutional law.
Prescription Drugs
States and cities seek to protect their ability to innovative with affordable drug programs.
Can states/cities use good-wage and 'green' standards in their purchasing decisions?
Trade Adjustment Assistance
Status of federal legislation that helps workers displaced by trade.
Investment rules in NAFTA have been used to challenge state and local laws.
Electricity, natural gas, transportation fuels, RPS standards, and climate change.
History of a critical WTO services case, with implications for 'public morals'.
How do trade rules impact withdrawals, permitting, bottling, and treatment?
Taxation and Subsidies
The Boeing – Airbus dispute is the most complicated case facing the WTO.
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